Sūtra III.6 – Chapter III, Sūtra 6

तस्य भूमिषु विनियोगः I

tasya bhūmiṣu viniyogaḥ

This (tasya) practice needs to regard the different stages (bhūmiṣu) and the special circumstances (viniyogaḥ) of each person.

PRACTICAL LIVING     Last week we discussed the expansive awareness we experience when we master the triad of concentration, meditation and complete absorption – our bridge to the soul. Here Patañjali tells us that there is no fixed recipe for this journey. We are all individuals in varying stages of development and evolution, with unique interests, needs and capacities. The above are also changing throughout an individual’s life. This sūtra shows acceptance and compassion in reference to where we are in life including our strengths and challenges. It is a message that reminds us that we are all different, so the specific tools leading us to awareness and understanding may look different.

For some, focusing on a mantra while seated may lead them to inner peace. For others, it is going for a walk in the forest. The techniques are limitless. The key is to stay active and committed to whatever practice works for us, knowing that practice may change as we change. It is also important to stay honest to where we are and try not to skip stages. Like a child trying to run before they crawl, it will likely lead to some painful falls.

IN THE YOGA WORLD     Saṁyama, the process of coming inward, has to happen choosing the appropriate tools for each individual. When the chosen tool seems too easy for a person, time passes and the person feels like no change has happened. If the tool feels out of reach and difficult, it is likely the person won’t commit to the practice. The key is finding a simple, yet challenging-enough practice that keeps the individual engaged, motivated and enthusiastic. Having said that, often the individual needs to find that enthusiasm and motivation from the inside to ensure the practice is being done consistently. This journey is a gradual one, like we’ve seen in sūtra I.17. The results also get revealed to us gradually…

INSPIRATIONAL PERSON     A blessing to our lives, Dima has showered us with his SUTRA III.6-DIMA
loving presence. He is light-hearted, extremely creative, curious, intelligent, funny and simply wonderful to be with. Though not a yogi in the formal sense, his yoga practice is his family. His presence while with his wife and children brings a smile to my face. A heart of gold, his generosity to those around him is endless. A friendship I am absolutely delighted to have developed over the past few years, which literally extends from our door to his. Dima, thank you for being there for us always. You are one special human being!

Do you have any experiences you would like to share? Please interact as much as you like – everyone will learn from your personal experiences!

Thanks and we will look at the “internal limbs”!

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