Sūtra III.5 – Chapter III, Sūtra 5

तज्जयात्प्रज्ञालोकः I


Through mastery (jayāt) of that (tad) shines forth awareness (prajñā) and infinite light (ālokaḥ).

PRACTICAL LIVING     Last week we explained the process of the triad (saṁyama): concentration, meditation and complete absorption. Here Patañjali tells us that when we master this process (i.e. we can enter this state whenever we desire), then we have profound understanding on whatever we want to understand. This state allows us to dis-cover, or uncover, knowledge of ourselves and of the world. We are not creating new ideas or concepts, we are simply unburying the truth. Some say we remove the veils of misperception (see sūtras II.3, II.4 and II.5) so that we can see bigger and brighter.

Our intuition, that inner and wise voice that we usually ignore, becomes a protagonist since we have learned to listen to it and trust what it’s saying.

IN THE YOGA WORLD     The way I understand this (which I am trying to do with my mind, which is limited since we are talking about transcending the mind), is that a person who has mastered saṁyama has built a solid bridge between the mind and the soul. This person knows exactly where this bridge is and is able to consciously walk this bridge anytime they want to. This bridge leads to profound understanding, to expansive perception and to the light within.

INSPIRATIONAL PERSON     An observer, a curious mind, a self-searcher, a huge heart filled with SUTRA III.5-FE SOFIOkindness and goofiness is beautiful Fe! As if having super powers, she observes people without being noticed. She is huge yet so humble. She accomplishes magnificent things, helps others and walks this planet with a desire to change herself and influence others. Fe, your grace, your kindness, your softness yet firmness are things that really touch me. Thank you for the visits, the talks, the sharing of life stories, the advice and the love. Te adoro muito Fefucha!!!

Do you have any experiences you would like to share? Please interact as much as you like – everyone will learn from your personal experiences!

Thanks and we will look at individualizing our practices next week!

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