Sūtra III.12 – Chapter III, Sūtra 12

ततः पुनः शान्तोदितौ तुल्यप्रत्ययौ चित्तस्यैकाग्रतापरिणामः I

tataḥ punaḥ śānta-uditau tulya-pratyayau cittasya-ekāgratā-pariṇāmaḥ

Then (tataḥ), the single-focused mind (cittasya-ekāgratā) transforms (pariṇāmaḥ) again, when its now calm (śānta) impressions (pratyayau) merge into a continuous (tulya) state.

PRACTICAL LIVING     As the mind gradually moves from distraction to a single-pointed focus, something else occurs: the calm state of one-pointed focus becomes a constant experience. Instead of us having separate moments of calmness, like separate waves crashing on the shore, this state now becomes a continuous ocean.

On a daily practical level, I link this to how both the external influences of life as well as the internal movement of emotions are now understood so that they do not affect us like they used to. By understanding the effects our relationships have on us, and the effect they have on our emotions, we react less to those. Then the inner calmness, which comes from a deep understanding that these waves will just keep crashing onto our internal shore, is maintained from moment to moment.

If this experience lasts one minute – recognize it and celebrate it! Like stringing beads to make a necklace, each bead of an experience of transformation is a pretty amazing gift building up to create this necklace we call life!

IN THE YOGA WORLD     This unique state of being makes each moment identical to the previous one. There is no separation between moments and the sense of time is gone. The sense of “I am” and time that usually mark our experiences are irrelevant. As Iyengar says “Past and future are reabsorbed into the timeless”. There is a sense of unshakeable integration with one’s highest Self.

INSPIRATIONAL PERSON     It has been almost one year since I last posted. There’s a reason for that: I began an intense 3-year graduate program. I have met numerous love-filled souls during this past year. One comes to mind this time: Lauren. She has been a source of heart-filled knowledge and experience in my life. A teacher who teaches and lives from her experience of the teachings, I simply love being in her presence. She is an academic teacher who manages to stay true to the view that we all have the potential to experience our inner ocean. Her belief and expression of this has been a true gift to this earthquake-like year for me. Immense gratitude!

Do you have any experiences you would like to share? Please interact as much as you like – everyone will learn from your personal experiences!

Thanks and we will look at change in the elements and senses!


6 thoughts on “Sūtra III.12 – Chapter III, Sūtra 12

  1. Nice to see you posting again. Your posts always help me reconnect with Patanjali’s genius. Thanks!

    This sutra calls to mind something that an eminent monk here, in Thailand, uses just 3 words to refer to. “Still, flowing water” (Ajahn Chah)

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