195 sutras in 195 weeks!

And the journey begins: 195 sutras in 195 weeks!

For several years I have had the desire to share these beautiful and practical teachings, and now is the time 🙂

Why one sutra per week? This is what I felt people could absorb. The initial idea of doing one per day would have been too much work for me (let’s me honest!), and others told me it would have been too much information for them. The sutras should be experiential (that is what the first sutra emphasizes, but more of that next week), so the idea is to read one per week and digest and implement that information throughout the next 7 days.

When will each sutra be posted? Every Wednesday, starting October 3rd, 2012, ending…194 weeks later, I have to admit I haven’t figured out the date… Why Wednesdays? Well…it fits my schedule 🙂 and it’s the middle of the week…every one needs a little motivation and reflection time then right? That’s what I’m hoping for anyway 😉

What are the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali anyway? A text considered to be 2,500 years old, it is a compilation of 195 aphorisms explaining the workings of the mind, why we suffer, what to do to make changes in order to have an AMAZING and JUICY life, and how we can can gradually experience more inner peace (read more under HISTORY).

9 thoughts on “195 sutras in 195 weeks!

  1. I am excited to learn more, experience as we all as learning about the Sutras form you personal experiences. After all, we all learn with each other stories! Thank you for starting this. Great initiative! 🙂

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