Sūtra II.52 – Chapter II, Sūtra 52

ततः क्षीयते प्रकाशावरणम् I

tataḥ kṣīyate prakāśa-āvaraṇam

Then (tataḥ), the veil (āvaraṇam) covering luminous clarity (prakāśa) disappears (kṣīyate).

PRACTICAL LIVING     Last week we discussed the fourth state of breath awareness: we become the breath and a calmness pours over us. Here, Patañjali deepens that thought. He says that in that state, the “baggage” that usually covers our innermost potential dissipates and we are able to experience pure light. What is the baggage? As we explored back in sūtras II.3, II.4, II.5, II.6, II.7, II.8 and II.9, what creates our suffering are the kleśas: misunderstanding (avidya), ego (asmita), excessive desire (rāga), avoidance (dveṣa) and fear (abhiniveśāḥ).

Prāṇāyāma, or breathing practice is one of the most powerful and practical tools that Yoga offers us to gradually reduce the influence of the kleśas on our actions, thoughts and emotions. As this happens, the clouds begin to part and we experience the warmth, the brilliance of our inner sunshine.

IN THE YOGA WORLD     Patañjali has already talked about the concept of our inner light – an infinite well of love, clarity and wisdom. Similar to many other spiritual texts, we are continuously reminded of the gift we have inside. Misperception leads us outside, always making us believe that happiness is in this or that. We need to be constantly reminded to step back from that illusion, and remember the light within. Consistent meditation on the breath can lead us to meet or re-meet our internal gift!

INSPIRATIONAL PERSON     With caribbean-blue eyes, a shiny bald head and a loving fullsizerendersmile is how I will remember Georgie. He was strict, yet soft like a teddy-bear. He was serious, yet goofy like other members of my clownish clan. His presence was strong, yet subtle. As a child, there was something about him that I really enjoyed, perhaps that contrast of firm yet soft. His brilliant light shone through his eyes. Now, his light remains lit through his family. His body left us, yet his soul left wonderful memories of a full life. Thank you Georgie for being the strong teddy-bear that you were. Loving you always 🙂

Do you have any experiences you would like to share? Please interact as much as you like – everyone will learn from your personal experiences!

Thanks and next week we will discuss the preparation of the mind for the next step!

6 thoughts on “Sūtra II.52 – Chapter II, Sūtra 52

  1. The breath! This is my favorite part of yoga. I could be so happy with just sitting and meditating with my breath. I told my snowbird seniors last week that they could use their breath for anything and how at 51 I just discovered my breath. I have taught them ujjayi 3x now and feel confident they can tap into it over the winter. Can’t wait to hear what they have to say in the Spring!

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  3. The most profound change at birth is our breath. The first sounds we struggle to make, as we enter this foreign world from the sacred space of our mother’s womb, are cries for breath. In those first few moments, we helplessly enter an unknown world of sensory explosion. We gasp, we grapple, we fight…we breathe. Our first transformation has begun…a metamorphosis of breath that essentially transforms us… literally… from the darkness of the womb into the light of this world… into the light of our own spirit. And so, our first life lesson on self-evolution has presented itself at birth. A simple lesson inherit in our DNA. Breath.

    Breath is a fluid link to our creation. It becomes fitting then to use our breath to stoke the fire of our internal light to guide our way…to light our path. The wisdom of our creation and birth offer us insight on how to transform the energy around us and in us… into life, into love, into light. The fluidity of breath-work when practiced with awareness and intention can catapult us out of our current womb into the sensory explosion of new perception…just like our actual birth as an infant. And just like that newborn, we will struggle and we will cry, trying to grasp hold of these new insights before us. But, we can always be reminded that the warmth and the bask of our eternal gift of light, will nurture our journey and shine lovingly for all to see.

  4. The power of my breath continues to amaze me, not only during my personal practice but throughout my whole day! The gratitude I feel for my breath awareness often brings me to tears. As my “inner light” becomes brighter, my experiences are felt deeper, my relationships are more authentic and love flows so freely from my heart! My inner student has finally found the courage to listen and believe in my inner teacher!!!

  5. Breath is definitely not something I was expecting to change me so much! Throughout my day as I go from thing to thing and place to place, I feel myself take very deep breaths to calm myself… I’ve don’t this for years, but never realized how much I rely on that breath through my day. Now I’ve learned how to use it even more to calm my days and be focused to accomplish more! (Or less! Whichever the day calls for!)

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