Sūtra II.28 – Chapter II, Sūtra 28

योगाङ्गाऽनुष्ठानादशुद्धिक्षये ज्ञानदीप्तिराविवेकख्यातेः I

yoga-aṅga-anuṣthānāt-aśuddhi-kṣaye jñana-dīptiḥ-āviveka-khyāteḥ

Through the dedicated practice (anuṣthānāt) of the limbs of yoga (yoga-aṅga), the impurities (aśuddhi) are eliminated (kṣaye), which leads to luminous wisdom (jñana-dīptiḥ), and eventually an experience of profound discernment and clarity (āviveka-khyāteḥ).

PRACTICAL LIVING     In the last sūtra we discussed the different stages that one goes through in the evolution of clarity and wisdom (see sūtra II.27). Here Patañjali introduces the very practical approach to enhancing clarity, which he will go into more depth in the next many sūtras. But why do we want more clarity? At the beginning of chapter II Patañjali explains that the reasons we suffer (kleśas) are: misperception, attachment, avoidance, ego and fear. And who doesn’t want to suffer less and gain more peace? The limbs of yoga (yoga-aṅga), when practiced with dedication and whole heartedly (see sūtra I.14), have three major benefits:

  1. The gradual decrease and elimination of the sources of suffering listed above.
  2. As these impurities burn, our inner light begins to radiate more, manifesting in magnificent wisdom.
  3. A deep realization of our potential for complete discernment, a profound understanding of ourselves and the universe.

Do you remember a time when you felt you were radiating from the inside out? That’s your deepest potential and one that we want to tap into more often. The more we practice, the more often we can tap into that, whatever it is you call it.

In the following sūtras we will go in depth into what these limbs of yoga are. Until then, I hope the benefits listed above keep you practicing, whatever it is you do that leads you to more clarity.

IN THE YOGA WORLD     Yoga is an ancient school of thought (darśana) based on another called Samkhya (see History). It is in this sūtra that it becomes clear that Yoga is a hands-on, very practical approach with a guidebook that can be adapted to every individual depending on their background, age, abilities and interests. The aim of all darśanas is the same: to enhance clarity in order to experience our inner wisdom. However, the methodologies differ. In the next many sūtras we will discuss the different limbs of yoga and how we can apply them to our lives.

INSPIRATIONAL PERSON     This woman is like fire. Kristin’s desire and ability to transform is deeply inspiring toSUTRA II.28-KRISTIN me. A passionate mother of two adorable girls, a multi-business owner and an incredibly present being in this world, whatever she decides to do, she fully commits and calls her tribe to make it happen. Since I’ve known her, she has manifested so many projects in her community. She is thoughtful, funny, actually hilarious, a magnificent doer, and an incredible friend. Her passion for life is contagious. And her love for helping others is awing. Every breath she takes is alive with energy. I am beyond grateful that our paths crossed in so many different ways! Love you woman!

Do you have any experiences you would like to share? Please interact as much as you like – everyone will learn from your personal experiences!

Thanks and next week we look at limbs of yoga that Patañjali refers to this in this sūtra!

2 thoughts on “Sūtra II.28 – Chapter II, Sūtra 28

  1. Clarity is so precious. Just beginning my conscious journey toward this. I question how you begin to see impurities burn away. I have a very hard time practicing and seeing changes. Overtime I have looked back and see that I am not the same person as I was when beginning yoga, but there are always new impurities that arise. Most of the time I try and see these as a branch that must flow down the river in order for the river to continue to flow. There is a point where the branch is no longer in my line of sight but until then I struggle to overlook the negative energy that comes with the potential blockage of that branch. Thank you for sharing!

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