Sutra II.25 – Chapter II, Sutra 25

तदभावात् संयोगाभावो हानं तद् दृशेः कैवल्यम् I

tad-abhāvāt-saṁyoga-abhāvaḥ hānaṁ tad-dṛśeḥ kaivalyam

As that (tad) misunderstanding gradually reduces until it disappears (abhāvāt), the association (saṁyoga) between mind and soul also vanishes (abhāvaḥ). When this happens (hānaṁ), the soul is completely independent from the mind and is totally free (kaivalyam).

PRACTICAL LIVING     As we have discussed in the previous sūtras, misperception (avidyā) causes us to confuse the mind and body (prakṛti) with the soul (puruṣa), which results in suffering. As we commit to a practice, whatever makes us feel more peaceful, we gradually reduce (abhāvaḥ) the mental cloud and potentially connect to that which is beyond the mind – the soul, spirit, our true nature (kaivalyam). In this place of pure love and light there is no suffering, there is spaciousness and profound serenity.

There are moments in life when we feel ‘in tune’ with ourselves, with life. In my case, usually traveling brings me to a place of openness, of trust, of being more connected with my intuition – that little voice within that speaks before the mental rattling begins. This results in what I like to call ‘magical moments’, which include things like:

  • A cathedral door magically opening as I walked up the steps while on a pilgrimage across the north of Spain.
  • Understanding the nature of action and detachment (see sutra I.12) while snorkeling in Hawaii.
  • Having a spiritual experience in India after studying about fear.
  • Receiving a statue of a Buddha the day after I dreamed someone gifted me one in India.

For several reasons, when I travel I am more open to the present, to the unknown and to people. I create an ambience for magic to happen. The challenge is to keep that openness while living our day-to-day lives…

Do you have any examples of these beautiful magical moments in your life?

IN THE YOGA WORLD     Whether we will experience complete freedom (kaivalyam) in this life or not is none of our business. There is no way we can know what will happen. So like many ancient texts tell us, we focus on the process, the journey, rather than the results. In our lives, the more clarity we experience, the less we long or cling to external people, things or ideas. From being lonely, we become alone, or all-one and being with ourselves is enough. Giving to others becomes the reason to relate to others. But let us remember that this is a result, and we may experience slivers of it along the way.

The body and mind are keeping the soul captive, but they have no idea who the prisoner is. Though imprisoned, this prisoner is not in pain – it does not care where it is because what it is is magnificent. Awareness is another way to express the eternal Observer within, the soul, the spirit. So a good practice is to ask ourselves “Who is feeling this?” whenever we feel anger, passion, irritation or calmness. The emotions come and go. The soul knows a freedom that is beyond the waves of the emotional ocean. Freedom is the experience of setting the prisoner free, allowing it to radiate its light to every single part of this Universe. Aaahhhhhh!

INSPIRATIONAL PERSON     Little being of light, like your name says, you are indeed a gift to the world Isadora!SUTRA II.25-ISADORA You are not even 2 weeks old yet and the number of people whose heart you have touched is enormous. The most amazing mix of Mum and Dad, you are blessed to have come into this home. Your mother will nurture you with her cuddles, love you like only mothers know how to and make you laugh until you pee your diapers. Your father will sing you lullabies and make every home moment a joyful one. I love you little gift of life and cannot wait to meet you!

Do you have any experiences you would like to share? Please interact as much as you like – everyone will learn from your personal experiences!

Thanks and next week we look at gradual quality of freedom!

4 thoughts on “Sutra II.25 – Chapter II, Sutra 25

  1. Beauty !!! As an expression of words, as thoughts, as feelings and especially the most beautiful example of every word expressed : the photograph of Isadora !!!

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