Sutra I.47 – Chapter I, Sutra 47

निर्विचारवैशारद्येऽध्यात्मप्रसादः I

nirvicara-vaisaradye-adhyatma-prasadah I

Mastery (vaisaradye) of the subtlest meditative state (nirvicara) leads to one’s heart (adhyatma), resulting in clarity and serenity (prasadah).

PRACTICAL LIVING     As a result of the continuous practice of yoga, we can reach a state where the mind is so pure, so clean, so empty of conditioning, that the light and brightness deep within us, can shine and be experienced. This happens when the mind is in balance, when we feel at ease and peaceful. This requires fears, doubts, over identification, attachments and other sources of suffering to be “clean”.

Have you had instances, which perhaps lasted seconds, where you let your fears behind you and just acted, or you simply allowed yourself to be you? A profound joy may have been experienced. And on a day-to-day level, this is what Patanjali is referring to: being so detached with external ideas of how to be or who to please, that we simply are. Having said that, this sutra refers to a very deep state of meditation, which requires a lot of commitment and a desire to change.

The path of yoga is long. But Patanjali promises that we will see the fruits of our work with time. When I look back and see how my life has changed in the past 10 years, I realize that my work has definitely provided me with lots of juicy fruits! So keep walking and gradually you’ll get closer and closer to this bright heart within yourself!

IN THE YOGA WORLD     Yoga and Samkhya (the philosophy that Yoga is based on), describe nature (our bodies, thoughts and emotions) as having 3 characteristics: balance (sattva); fire (rajas); and rock (tamas). We need all three to act in the world. However, most of us are out of balance and either have too much fire (anxiety, anger) or too much tamas (lethary, depression). The road of yoga is the road of sattva – experiencing more balance, more peace. It’s only through a balanced (sattvic) mind that we can experience nirvicara samapatti. This sutra suggests a spiritual experience, one where our most powerful potential for love and peace is revealed.

INSPIRATIONAL PERSON     Steph comes to my mind when I speak of living from the heart. A passionate and I.47-STEPHinquisitive woman, she transmits energy and vibrance wherever she goes! Her pursuit to live from the heart, to carve out the most beautiful path possible brings a smile to my face. On her birthday, I meditate on this amazing human being, who through her inner fire, is creating a life of abundance, of love, of self reflection and joy. Steph, thank you for your questions, your generosity, your confidence and your inner flame that fuels you and those who surround! Feliz cumpleanos divina!

Do you have any experiences you would like to share? Please interact as much as you like – everyone will learn from your personal experiences!

Thanks and next week we will look at the true knowledge that this state of meditation brings us!

3 thoughts on “Sutra I.47 – Chapter I, Sutra 47

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  2. Such a meditative state that leads one to the heart is something I’ve been unknowingly working on for some time now. For years I struggled with rajas. My anxiety levels where off the chain! As I mentioned in previous sutras, not only was my mental state clouded, but I experienced physical ailments as well. My overactive rajas brought tamas along with it. I became depressed, lost myself, and was miserable all the time. I look back now and at this time remember thinking there was no way out, that I’d be forced to live my life in misery. But once I began to balance my gunas, life turned around as it always does<3

  3. I recently suffer from waking up in the middle of the night feeling shortness of breath. At the moment, i got panicked and felt so vulnerable as if i were near a cliff. But then, i brought my attention back to the breath and try to lengthen it in and out. As i find more calmness in my breath and my mind, i slowly got back to sleep. My own lessen learned is if i feel overwhelmed or panicked again, just make sure i check in to my breath and i know i am alive. That’s all that matters. Stay calm and breathe deeper.

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