Sutra I.43 – Chapter I, Sutra 43

स्मृतिपरिशुद्धौ स्वरूपशून्येवार्थमात्रनिर्भासा निर्वितर्का॥४३॥

smrti-parisuddhau svarupa-sunya-iva-artha-matra-nirbhasa nirvitarka

When the memory is purified (parisuddhau) it’s as if (iva) the mind is empty and the object of meditation (artha) radiates (nirbhasa) and its own nature (svarupa) is seen: this is a state of meditation free of logic/memory (nirvitarka).

PRACTICAL LIVING     In the previous sutra, Patanjali described the first stage of meditation: one where the individual is completely absorbed with an object, though different thoughts concerning the object may be flowing in the person’s mind. Now Patanjali describes the next state of meditation. Nirvitarka happens when we can see something without ‘remembering’ it. In other words, usually we perceive the world based on past experiences. For example, we go to an amazing yoga class and have a positive experience. So we decide to return. Our past experience will color the present one. Our expectation based on the past influences the moment we are living now. Like a child going to Disney World or like an adult going to Burning Man for the first time, this sutra describes the ability to live a moment without the influence of the past, but completely absorbed in the present moment. How refreshing would life be if we could live like that? Watch a child and notice that every time they see snow they see an opportunity to jump on it, throw it, touch it, explore with it. By reaching this state of nirvitarka there would not be any boredom!

IN THE YOGA WORLD     In addition to not being influenced by memory, the individual is also free from fear, the ego, attachment or avoidance (the sources of suffering we will be talking about in more detail in the future). This makes the mind so pure that our storage of deep memories (samskaras) is also gone and our true nature can shine through, allowing us to experience a specific object exactly how it is, without the drama or the delusional interpretations we normally have. In other words, the rajas (anxiety, drama and stress) and the tamas (inertia, depression and doubt) are gone and sattva (balance, clarity and luminosity) predominates. This is the result of LOTS and LOTS of work, which requires consistent discipline and commitment. But it CAN happen 🙂

INSPIRATIONAL PERSON     Mark is this remarkable person who has dedicated himself to certain projects and SUTRA I.43-MARK WEISSsucceeded immensely. His ability to imagine something and put all of his energy and attention into that is inspiring! He is an ‘idea machine’ – a creative mind who is constantly thinking of new ideas, new possibilities, new horizons to travel to. Not reaching his destination does not seem to trouble him. He does not see it as a failure, but as a life experience. That requires a level of detachment that I find admirable. His ‘objects of meditation’ remain strongly in his mind until they are no longer needed. Thank you Mark for teaching me through our conversations, through our interactions, through your actions 🙂

Do you have any experiences you would like to share? Please interact as much as you like – everyone will learn from your personal experiences!

Thanks and next week we will look even deeper into meditation next week!

3 thoughts on “Sutra I.43 – Chapter I, Sutra 43

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  2. I tend to over analyze things or keep thinking about events that happened in the past. Sure, history made us who we are, but sometimes there are unnecessary moments that should not be analyzed again while they should be forgotten. I think meditation is a great method to purify the mind, just pick and focus on an object, and dont even think or analyze it. Just observe and let all feelings go.

  3. Picking Mark as the inspirational person in this instance reminds me of my father. An accomplished businessman, once he sets an object in his mind, all thoughts and actions are directed toward that object. I believe that being able to focus in on a goal, to trust one’s own judgement/intellect, and to disregard/let distractions fall away are all elements of successful follow-through and achievement of those goals. As far as meditation (and business) is concerned, it takes tremendous focus and work to accurately perceive an object/goal…to get to that clear perception, we must constantly be learning and discerning – at some point the puzzle machine that is our mind synthesizes it all and the “work” aspect falls away – ah, clarity.

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