Sutra II.4 – Chapter II, Sutra 4

Sutra II.4-Lucia

अविद्याक्षेत्रमुत्तरेषां प्रसुप्ततनुविच्छिन्नोदाराणाम् I avidya ksetram-uttaresam-prasupta-tanu-vicchinna-udaranam Misapprehension (avidya) is the fertile soil (ksetram) for the other (uttaresam) sources of suffering. Misunderstanding (avidya) can be found in four stages: (1) dormant (prasupta); (2) feeble (tanu); (3) alternating (vicchinna); and (4) fully active (udaranam). PRACTICAL LIVING     As mentioned in the previous sutra, Patanjali says that there …

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